At Group Joos the People Count

Group Joos – with a history dating back to 1935 – is and remains a 100% family-run business. Alex Joos, who is managing director and chair of the Board, is a clear example of the way our company management is family oriented. And the employees form one big family.

Group Joos Summarised

The Belgian company has production sites in Turnhout . Group Joos has 3 business units: Joos Print, Joos Connect and Joos Smartcom . With 130 employees, Group Joos has a turnover of 25 million euros. 

Since 2018, Group Joos also has a 50% stake in Michael Schiffer Dialog GMBH and Smartcom GMBH in Germany. Group Joos also has a sales branch in the Netherlands and exports directly from Belgium to various other European countries and to Africa. 

Each division has its own specialisations and core activities. The divisions cooperate closely to make things easier for customers during complex challenges. We continuously invest in the broadening of our market knowledge, substantive research and further technological development. Group Joos is een absolute forerunner in digital transformation.

Each division has its own focus but together they are unbeatable 

Group Joos coordinates the various independent divisions. Each division focuses on its own core activities. Since each division has additional specialisations, we regularly work together to meet the high expectations of our customers. Digital transformation is like a central theme throughout our business operations.

Joos Print

Joos Print is an internationally active printing company that specialises in large, high-quality volumes. At this printing company with its extensive range of modern machinery, printing and finishing take place under one roof. Joos Print focuses on security printing, logistics forms, business printing and self-adhesive labels and tags.

Joos Connect

Joos Connect is a trendsetter in the field of direct mailings. In addition, Joos Connect asserts itself as a total partner for personalised and individualised communication, promotional printed matter and door-to-door publications. In recent years, Joos Connect has also specialised in extensive data analyses and marketing automation in which a combination of print and online options is used.

Joos Smartcom

Joos Smartcom is specialised in extensive data analyses and marketing automation in which a combination of print and online options is used.

Smartcom is also your partner for Web to Print and Omnichannel applications

With the generic app VEEEW augmented reality content can be activated in real time.

Vision for the Future

With its operations based on a well-defined strategy and a clear vision, Group Joos is building for the future. Without neglecting our traditional activities in the printing sector, we invest at all levels in the further development of our digital products and services.

Personalisation and Individualisation

We help our clients to be relevant and to remain relevant to their target groups. Personalisation and individualisation are crucial in this respect. For maximum impact, you communicate with an individual message through the recipient's preferred online channel or as the case may be, print channel. To achieve this, we start with the strategic collection of customer data and well-considered data analyses. This way, your customers only receive the individual messages that interest or concern them, fitting perfectly within the customer journey.

We guarantee an all-in service for powerful and efficient communication. It isn't hard to see why our baseline is “Unlimited Digital Solutions & Print”. We take care of your communication both on paper and through digital channels.

Strong Board of Directors

In order to clearly define our strategy, we have a strong Board of Directors. In addition to managing director Alex Joos and Ilse Vandoninck, our Board of Directors consists of external members  Ilse Van Vaerenbergh and Norbert Verkimpe.

Also a Member of the Family

In addition to our three divisions in Belgium, the holding company Group Joos has several subsidiaries: 

  • Group Jooos - Speciaaldrukkerij Joos nv : our sales branch for the Netherlands located in Breda..
  • Syma: our property company
  • Michael Schiffer Dialog and Smartcom in Germany: With a 50% stake in the capital of the Schiffer Group, a graphics group located in Rheinbergh near Düsseldorf, Germany, Group Joos shows its export ambitions and the company occupies an important position in the large German market. The partnership doesn't just provide an opening to the German market, it also expands the existing Group Joos range through the complementary activities of our German partner..
  • NSI Group: since 2000, this pan-African group has specialised in the production, personalisation, management and distribution of secure documents and data carriers. In addition, this company offers solutions for electronic money transactions. The registered office is situated in Belgium. NSI has branch locations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. Group Joos produces all securities for customers of the NSI Group. NSI Group acts as the exclusive representative of Group Joos in all African countries.

Active in a Strong Network

Group Joos makes every effort to create and maintain a strong network and is active in various organisations. We are open to various forms of collaboration.

  • eFORMA®: a global organisation of communication service providers, active in 19 countries with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. EFORMA® members share valuable technological and commercial knowledge to respond more closely to customers' needs.  Members work hard together within common markets.  Every year there are various workshops, training seminars, study tours and benchmark analyses for the employees of eFORMA® members. In addition, there is support for investment projects and the purchase of special consumables.  Alex Joos has chaired this organisation's Board of Directors since 2018. It gives us the opportunity to explore new markets and cultures and to collaborate with partner businesses at an international level.
  • VIGC: we are a founding member of the Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication. This association brings graphic companies and technology developers together in an independent knowledge centre.  
  • Sport & Entertainment Technology Club from Agoria: this club bundles the know-how and expertise of sixty Belgian technology companies. We work together to promote our products and services in the organisation of international (sports) events. 
  • Febelgra: de beroepsvereniging van de Belgische grafische industrie
  • Belgian Association of Marketing: the Belgian graphic industry's professional association. 
  • Xerox Premier Partners: het netwerk van 800 meest succesvolle grafische bedrijven ter wereld.
  • Vlerick Alumni: Alex Joos chairs Vlerick Alumni. This association brings together more than 20,000 former alumni, working in more than a hundred countries. Vlerick Alumni gives these former students the opportunity to network and closely follow the latest management developments. Knowledge sharing takes place both online and through the many events that Vlerick Alumni organises at home and abroad.