Quality and (Information) Security

Quality and (information) security form two essential components of our services. We approach all of these aspects in an integrated, planned and structured fashion so that you can count on maximum guarantees.

Quality Management ISO 9001

To optimise our quality, we follow the ISO9001 standard. This supports our employees in their daily quest for excellent quality.

We regularly gauge the satisfaction of our customers. Based on these studies, we draw up action plans to further optimise our operations. 


We draw up a quality plan for each project. This plan – customised to meet customer requirements – describes the processes and contains the planned series of checks. If necessary, we adjust the plan during the project. If desired, we draw up a detailed Service Level Agreement in accordance with your wishes and expectations.

Iso 14298 - Joos Print Approved as Security Printer by intergraf

Your printed matter is in safe hands with us, as our ISO 14298 certificate proves. This certificate was issued by Intergraf and awarded after strict checks by specialised inspection company VPGI Certification BV.

This certificate proves that we meet the strictest safety requirements. For example, we invested heavily in the electronic security of our buildings and premises, by means of alarm systems and camera surveillance. Visitors only gain access after meticulous registration. We also have safes and separate secure spaces with very strict access control. 

Several customers subject our security to annual auditing. The conclusions drawn from these studies help us to optimise our security policy.


Information Security ISO 27001

Since we work daily with sensitive personal information, information security and personal data integrity are essential to us. We passed the information security audit (ISO 27001) by SGS with great distinction. 

The certificate shows that we implemented a reliable Information Security Management System (ISMS). This gives our clients the reassuring guarantee that we deal very carefully with confidential information.

We are therefore an extremely reliable partner for outsourcing privacy-sensitive processes.

GDPR Compliant

We also comply fully with the GDPR.  This gives our clients the guarantee that their data will be processed extremely carefully. We guarantee the highest level of security and confidentiality at all times. 

The Joos Print division is an ISO14298 security certificate holder, which allows us to produce secure printed matter. In addition, we work in full compliance with the rules of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Continuous improvement is key to our daily operations.