Integrated Approach for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainability is key in our business operation. We take lots of different initiatives aimed at conducting business sustainably and reducing our ecological footprint.

Sustainable Enterprise with the 5 Ps – People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership

Care for the climate and people is of increasing importance in our society. Group Joos  fully supports this evolution towards a sustainable (business) world. We conduct business in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. The policy statement “Sustainable Enterprise” clarifies our policy intentions in this respect. In our view, sustainability is an integral part of healthy business operations.

A safe work environment, training courses, attention to green mobility, compliance with environmental and safety regulations, sustainable use of raw materials, sponsoring charities, respectful interaction, good governance and so on, these are just a few of the values followed at Group Joos.

Because we want to continue to grow in sustainable entrepreneurship, we entered a partnership with VOKA. With this partnership as our basis, we prepare an annual action plan on sustainability. The 17 global sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations form the universal framework for this plan.  The United Nations clustered these goals into the 5 Ps:  People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. We translate these five pillars into our daily business operations.

The policy is reviewed annually.  A team of independent experts gave Group Joos a positive evaluation, that entitled us to the certificate Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship. By continuing this course, Group Joos hopes to be named an “SDG Pioneer”, the ultimate recognition from the United Nations, by 2022. 

Environmental Care

The environmental policy anchors Joos Connect in an ISO 14001 environmental management system. This allows us to constantly monitor and quickly revise our work method if necessary.

The lowest possible environmental impact is key to our business processes. We strive for economy and maximum reuse of all possible auxiliary and raw materials.

We are constantly looking for and taking initiatives to reduce our environmental emissions and reduce electricity consumption. We limit our chemical waste and ensure strict separation and disposal of the different waste flows. We work closely with recognised waste processors to do this.

We use recyclable materials to pack our products and work closely with Febelgra. A well-considered action plan enables us to reduce our amount of packaging every year. Our own environmental coordinator closely follows all OVAM obligations and guidelines.

We pursue an active mobility plan by encouraging our employees to opt for green company cars and using the bike for commuting as much as possible.

For example, in 2019 we cycled some 116,000 km.

Responsibly Managed Forests
Among our customers, we actively promote the use of paper sourced from responsibly managed forests.  We are recognised for this with the FSC® certificate and the PEFC certificate. We give our customers specific advice on the use of environmentally-friendly paper, so that they can also place the FSC® or PEFC logo on their printed matter.