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Joos Connect becomes Group Joos


Dear customer,

At present, Joos Connect, Joos Print and Joos Smartcom are operating as 3 independent divisions working under the name Group Joos. Each division has its own specialisations and core activities and may or may not work under its own company number. In order to optimise our operational and administrative processes and to be able to provide you with better service, from 1 January 2022 all of our activities will be brought together in 1 company called Group Joos nv.


Only the business name will change. Our new coordinates then become:

Group Joos nv 

Everdongenlaan 14

2300 Turnhout, Belgium

Company number: 0899.145.953 

VAT: BE 0899.145.953 


Some months ago, we decided to create a new corporate identity for Group Joos, in which the chameleon takes centre stage. And this is not without reason… The chameleon symbolises the great degree to which Group Joos and its customers are able to adapt. Because to stand still is to go backwards, as the saying goes. This is why it is extremely important for companies, such as yours and ours, to keep a finger on the pulse at all times, to respond to change, to follow trends and to take account of the changing communication landscape. Group Joos does that, together with its customers, and adapts quickly, just like the chameleon.

We are and will remain Group Joos! 

A family business through and through, and for the past 85 years passionate about and specialising in everything concerning graphic communication. Group Joos retains the three divisions: Joos Print, Joos Connect and Joos Smartcom, however, starting 01‐01‐2022 the work they perform will be generated from the same operational company.  

This change is part of our new approach under the heading “We shape your vision”. Internally, Group Joos has specific expertise, dedicated craftsmanship and innovative technology. An ideal combination to be able to respond to each demand, because our customers also face many changes. Our team never shies away from a challenge and will always look for and find a customised solution. We would like very much to work with you in building our futures together.  

Alex Joos, CEO Group Joos